The right way to construct vanity and change into a stronger individual

Self-esteem is defined as the set of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors directed towards ourselves, mind, body, spirit, and soul. That is to say, the perception that we evaluate ourselves to our personal worth. However, this is often affected by our environment. How to build self-esteem

Parents, siblings, grandparents, colleagues, friends, teachers, etc. influence it somehow, which affects many fears, insecurities, and conflicts by not developing it properly.

It does not matter how old you are, if you think you are too young or too old to change your life and strengthen it. If you learn what I am going to teach you today, you will see that no matter what you have been through in your life, you have enough capacity and talent to succeed and inspire other people to do the same.

Whenever someone tells us about the lives of the great characters in history, they tell us that they had already written at such an age I don’t know how many books, invented I don’t know how many things, painted I don’t know how many pictures. And maybe at that precise moment, you say to yourself: “I am so many years old, and I have not really done anything with my life.”

That is a very common phrase, but it has such a great limiting power in our subconscious that we immediately feel pity, self-pity, depression, etc.

And there begins our “recital of lamentations” for things that could have been and were not. This type of comparison with other people greatly affects self-esteem, believing that we cannot achieve projects or dreams due to a lack of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional resources.

Now, how to build self-esteem and become a stronger person. I want you to be aware of one thing: “The actions that you have done in your life, good or bad, have led you to the place where you are today.” What you have done or not done has caused your current situation. It is a natural law of life, every cause causes an effect.

And you act according to how you think. Many ancient cultures believed that the more they suffered in earthly life, they would reach a state of complete harmony and peace when they died. For this reason, they practiced all series of sacrifices and rituals, including not eating for weeks on end, and others.

That is a belief, and you act accordingly. If you have performed certain actions that have led you to the circumstances you live today, perhaps they have been due to your way of thinking and beliefs.
Now, I will give you a series of thoughts that I want you to memorize very well, build self-esteem, and become a stronger person to achieve anything you want.

  1. There is no deity, or higher entity that wants you to spend it suffering and pain while you are in this world. You will not receive a reward for your depression, nor is it a requirement for you to go to heaven. Don’t feel obligated to suffer to get what you want. I don’t think anyone wants that.
  2. The fact that other people are suffering and not getting what they want does not condemn you to receive the same fate and to infect you with their misery. Do not think that by being surrounded by people who continuously live depressed and feeling sorry for themselves, you should do it too.

Each person has such freedom of thought that they can choose how to think and how to act, regardless of their environment.

  1. Successful and relevant people also had difficult situations. If you think that you are the only one who has gone through terrible and very complex circumstances, well, let me tell you that as a child, Thomas Alva Edison was classified by his school teacher as “sterile and unproductive.” And when he grew up, he was fired from various jobs for making mistakes that were labeled as childish in his day.

Now, you know very well who this great character was, and he represented him for the beginning of the communications industry.
Just imagine the development that we could have if we stopped thinking that we are mere victims of circumstances. Suppose we are in a difficult situation because we act wrongly on an unconscious level. In that case, we can improve our future situation if we mentalize ourselves as winners and people without limits.