16 Super Useful Food Tips And Tricks For The Kitchen

Ready to start living alone and dedicate yourself to preparing your own food every day without dying in the attempt? Well, take a deep breath and relax yourself, because the truth is that practically none of us are born ready for the kitchen and cooking, and we assure you that this is almost a universal truth. Most of the people take cooking as passion and do it with great dedication. If you take cooking as some burden, then you will never be able to be a great cook. So relax yourself at the time cooking and never stop learning about cooking tips and tricks.

So as always, culinary tricks can never go unnoticed, Being a girl, it’s not easy to start cooking, but a day comes in life when we decide to start it anyway, we are honestly never fully prepared to face this type of work. But for that, we have these 16 tips that every girl in the kitchen should know. And these tips are not just for girls, Most males also cook their food, some cook because they live alone, but there is one more category of people who like to cook their food, like a passion.

1. To easily open a coconut, put it in the oven for 15 minutes

Remember to put it only 15 minutes in the oven at low temperature.

2. Store your bananas in a bag with half a lemon

But try to keep them in the refrigerator and discover how bananas will last longer with this trick since the lemon absorbs oxidation and the cold will make them ripen less quickly.

3. Put a quarter of an onion when preserving the avocado to last longer

Delays the oxidation of avocado by putting it in the refrigerator with this simple trick.

4. Make a cardboard plate with two holes and use them as a lid for your blender

This way, you will avoid getting dirty when you are using your blender, and you will finish your recipes clean and like an expert.

5. Add a half potato or apple to absorb excess salt in your soup

Every time you run your hand with salt in your stews and soups, turn off the heat apply this simple trick to absorb all the salty flavor.

6. Put the stem of lettuce into a bowl of water

The refrigerator and water cold will keep the lettuce fresh for longer.

7. For desserts stripe chocolate in a bar

You can even do it with peel potatoes, and you will have the same results.

8. If you left the cereal box open and it became watery, put it in the oven for a few minutes

Put the cereal that has become a little watery in a glass container and cover it with aluminum foil at 100 degrees Celsius for a couple of minutes.

9. To know if an egg is expired, put it in the water

If it sinks, it means that the egg is still good, if it floats it is because it has already expired.

10. To avoid losing consistency, wash the mushrooms with a wet towel

Never wash them with soap and water, as they will lose their consistency, so it is much more advisable to use a wet paper towel or a very soft brush.

11. Use the pepper as an expert with this tip

Did you know this information? Now you will not go wrong with the taste of pepper in your recipes.

12. With a little soap and vinegar remove the fat from your pan

Let the water boil in your pan and add some liquid soap and a stream of vinegar to help the fat out more quickly and easily.

13. With a little water, the cheese melts much faster

Put a few drops of water on the cheese slices in your meals; you will see how quickly it melts.

14. Sprinkle lemon on the board before cutting an onion

Lemon will help you stop crying every time you cut onion.

15. Prevents fish from sticking to the grill with lemon slices

Fresh fish usually sticks easily to the pan or grill, so to avoid that, use some lemon slices as a mattress and so you will cook your fish like a professional chef at first.

16. Spread a little butter on the onions to last longer

Use this trick to keep your onions fresh and last longer.

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