Warning Signs Of Cancer You Should Never Ignore

Going to the doctor periodically is necessary to detect in time the presence of any disease or condition that we ignore and that, over time, can be fatal. An example of this is a cancer that, if discovered in time, can be curable.

A researcher at the University of Surrey, Katriina Whitaker, did a job in which she found that one-third of Britons with cancer ignored the first symptoms that manifested in their body and did not go to check:

We have to send the message that if you have symptoms that do not go away, particularly those that are considered alarm signals, you should not ignore them, you should go to the doctor and seek help.

According to the American Cancer Society, these are some signs that can help detect early cancer:

Unexplained weight loss

If you are experiencing a considerable weight loss sudden, you must not neglect it. A loss of five kilos – or more – may be the first sign of cancer of the pancreas, stomach, esophagus or lung.


It is very common in people who have cancer, experience fever. Primarily when the tumour spreads to other places where it originated. This can be a sign of leukemia.

Excessive tiredness

Those with cancer have extreme exhaustion that does not improve with rest.

Skin changes

If there is a darkening, yellowing, redness or excessive growth of hair on the skin, you must turn on the alerts.

Wounds that do not heal

Small wounds that do not heal in more than 4 weeks can be a clear sign of the presence of cancer; also, any change in the mouth that lasts a long time or the appearance of sores on the penis and vagina.

In any such condition, one must visit a doctor as soon as possible, because cancer is a curable disease in its early stages. Don’t let it become worse with your negligence


Bleeding may be a condition in the colon or rectum. Blood in the urine or nipple is also warning signs of cancer.

Persistent cough or hoarseness

If the cough is present for more than three weeks or there is hoarseness, care must be taken. Coughing up blood could be a sign of lung cancer. If you visit your doctor in time, it can save your life.

One must never easily take all these symptoms. Paying a visit to a doctor in time can change many things.