Lose up to 5 kilos in 7 days and get ready for the holiday season

Bananas are so nutritious and delicious and loaded with the right amount of starch, and this starch helps the process of losing weight, although it should be noted that not all starches are the same. But the starch found in bananas is perfect for these purposes.

The banana diet gained so much popularity these days, thanks to Hitoshi Watanabe, he is the author of book Morning Banana Diet,  in which he explained how the banana diet works and how you can lose up to five kilos in seven days, without having a complicated routine or exhausting exercises.

How should we make the banana diet? You can try it for two weeks, and it’s very simple. Its main objective is to stimulate the metabolism simply and healthily and with only two steps:

First step

Every morning when you wake up, you should drink a glass of warm water, almost at room temperature. Thus you stimulate your metabolism.

Second step

After drinking a glass of warm water, wait about 60 minutes and eat a banana; Most likely, during the first days, you feel very hungry. In those days, when hunger attacks you, eat another banana, but waiting 20 minutes after you ate the first one, that’s all, in total you will eat two bananas the first few days.

To perform this diet correctly, you must follow the following rules:

  • During the banana diet, you should not take milk or wine.
  • Your dinner should be at eight at night.
  • You have to avoid sugary stuff, desserts and fried foods with more calories and fats.
  • Between meals, you are only allowed to eat fruit.
  • You don’t have to exercise during the diet, but it is advisable to do a daily walk.
  • Consume the right amount of water during the day.
  • Regulate portions of your lunch and dinner.

The weight you manage to lose will depend on your metabolism, physical activity and the way you eat.