10.healthy and easy to prepare breakfasts

10 healthy and easy to prepare breakfasts

Eating a healthy diet is easier than it seems; you only need to eat foods that include meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits and seeds and set aside unhealthy habits. What should be left out of bounds? Sugars, grains, dairy, alcohol and anything that is processed, and please, eliminate from your diet everything that has to do with flours.
Breakfast has become the essential meal in your diet but forget about just eating yogurt, oatmeal or cereal. Here we are going to present some ideas so you can prepare creative and delicious breakfasts.

  1. Noodles, egg and carrots

Actually, this combination is delicious. This colourful recipe will make you feel satisfied throughout the day. You have to cook noodles with avocado sauce, an egg and chop a few carrots. It is definitely a delicious and healthy way to start the day.

2-Monkey salad

If eggs aren’t your thing and you want to eat something sweet for breakfast, this salad is for you. You need chopped nuts, cocoa beans, almond butter, dried fruits and bananas. This is one of the fastest recipes you can prepare. It will only take you 5 minutes.

3-Green Salad

You need bacon, cooked eggs, an abundant bed of lettuce and spinach. Add avocado to give it a more exceptional flavour. It is more delicious than it looks.

4- Salmon omelette

This breakfast is easy to prepare and eat any day of the week. You only need salmon, spices, and eggs to create a delicious and healthy dish.

5. Asparagus Benedict

Asparagus stalks can easily replace bagels. For this recipe, you have to fry them in butter, coconut or olive oil and then cook an egg and put them on them. Easy, right?

6. Baked egg avocado

If you feel fearful about the idea of ​​baking avocado, don’t worry, you need to trust your culinary skills. To cook this, just put an egg on avocado and bake it for 15 minutes, we assure you that the result will be worth it

7. Avocado toast

You will fall in love with these delicious avocado toasts. And you don’t have to use normal toasts made with preservatives or flours. Use a previously baked potato slice or a natural toast. Then, put a few slices of avocado on it and add salt, sesame and lemon juice.

8. Mango wrapped in ham

Preparing it will take less than two minutes. You just need some smoked ham and mango on a bed of spinach. Neglect, the combination of sweet and savoury makes it perfect.

9. Ham burrito

This Mexican food has zero grains, sugars or dairy products. You just need a slice of ham, eggs, chopped vegetables and a spoonful of guacamole.

10. Pumpkin Smoothie

The shakes are not highly recommended, but as long as the ingredients are free of fats or dairy. For this smoothie, you can use coconut milk, pumpkin puree, banana and ice