Drinking an excessive amount of fruit juice can affect your health

All excesses are harmful to your health: alcohol, tobacco, fats, soda and even juices put a person’s life at risk if their consumption is abused.

According to a research published in the journal JAMA Network Open, drinking too much fruit juice can be harmful for health, as it increases the risk of early death by 9 to 42 %.

Although drinking 100 percent natural juices can be considered favourable for a healthy life, and research says that most of those drinks have as much or more sugar than a soda, especially orange juice.

To reach this conclusion, different people who exceeded the allowed limit of sugar consumption in one day were examined, finding that, of the total calories, 10 percent belonged to sugary liquids.

According to World Health Organization, Excessive consuming sugary drinks results in diseases such as obesity, heart problems and diabetes and it is one of the leading causes of mortality in the world.

“Efforts to reduce consumption of sodas and other sugar-beverages should also add fruit juices in the list, and these efforts need to include both adults as well as kids,”

Most people believe it that sodas and other sugary drinks—including soft drinks, fruit punch and energy drinks are associated with weight gain & many other diseases. But fruit juices are still widely perceived by many as a healthier choice.

“Previous research has shown that excessive consumption of sugars, such as those found in soft drinks and fruit juices, is linked to various risk factors for cardiovascular disease,” said Jean A. Welsh, one of those responsible for analysis.

As a prevention measure, it is recommended that sugary drinks represent less than 5 percent of the calories ingested daily.

After reading all this, we suggest that water should be the preferred beverage, and the intake of other drinks such as tea or coffee without sugar and creamers, should be chosen in place of sugar-sweetened drinks