10 Ways in which you sabotage your weight loss And you don’t even realize it!

Losing weight is not a simple task. With the best intentions, you start to change eating habits and establish an exercise routine; After a while, you realize that you no longer show more progress and your progress has stalled.

Before you get discouraged and consider giving up, you should know that there is a solution and that you are probably not aware of some ways in which you unintentionally sabotage your fat loss, and here we tell you what they are.

1. You consume many processed foods

Not everything is counting calories. We must focus on the quality of food. One of the most advisable things will always be to consume unprocessed foods to have better results. When you go to the supermarket, instead of walking from aisle to aisle, try going straight to where the groceries are. Most likely, you will find the vegetables, meats and whole grains you need.

2. You do a lot, very soon

Another prevalent mistake when it comes to losing weight is trying to compensate for months or years of bad habits by counting each calorie until you reach the point where the restriction is exaggerated and end up throwing in the towel. To lose weight in a healthy way and with lasting results, it is best to start by making small changes in the diet and performing a varied exercise routine.

3. Go crazy with cardio

Complement the previous point. It is true that an adequate routine of crucial exercises to burn fat, but it is also essential to establish, which is the most appropriate according to the specific needs of each person. It is not enough to have some frantic training sessions on static machines but to alternate them with two or three sessions a week of high-intensity interval exercises (HIIT), which increases the heart rate and burns calories even after training.

4. You don’t build a muscular base

Sometimes, by focusing on weight loss, muscle gain is neglected. The more you develop your muscles, your body will burn more calories while you rest. To do this, add cardio between the series of weights.

5. Do not take into account macronutrients

When it comes to a diet, you should keep in mind that a proper diet is more than counting calories. Once you know your recommended daily intake, divide into percentages or approximate amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Pay special attention to proteins, because they are essential for muscle growth and repair, in addition to helping you feel satisfied for longer.

6. You make a diet that is not personalized

In the race for a healthier lifestyle, many people start popular diets without taking into account their lifestyle, tastes and current health status. Not because a regimen is gluten-free, low carb or high protein means that it is adequate. Ideally, adopt a meal plan that you enjoy, accessible to your pocket, and that does not provoke guilt or fear for enjoying food.

7. Condiments count

Another factor that goes unnoticed is the carelessness in seasonings and dressings that are added to meals. Dressings and sauces contain sugars, lots of salt and hidden fats, so it is better to be careful. It’s no use eating grilled chicken breast and salad if you add BBQ sauce and dressing. Among the dressings choose mustard, vinegar or dried spices.

8. You consume fewer calories

You indeed need to spend more calories than you consume to lose weight, but when you drastically reduce your intake, the effect may be just the opposite, and instead of losing fat, you lose muscle mass. Also, the body stores fat when it does not receive the necessary calories, and if you add to that the bad mood and fatigue caused by crash diets, your goal will be more challenging to achieve.

9. You overdo supplements

Some sports drinks help improve performance and recovery after intense training, and that is why most contain sugar. This is very important to consider if you want to lose weight.

10. Avoid all kinds of fats

Not only do proteins make you feel fuller for longer; If you incorporate the right fats, such as those containing olive oil and avocado, your diet will be enriched, and you will achieve the same result.