Is diet important in weight loss?

Probably one of the most asked question when it comes to weight loss is if dieting is necessary or you can just eat whatever you want as long as you are exercising. The simple answer is that diet is super important and if you have been exercising for quite some time and you don’t notice any significant changes, then you need to change your diet. As a matter of fat, dieting might even be more important than exercises. In this article we are going to discuss why diet is so important and help you out with some tips that are going to help you go through your weight loss campaign.
Reasons why diet is even more important than exercises in weight loss.
As I already highlighted, dieting is very important and it can be even more important than exercises, in this section, we prove that. Not that I am underestimating the importance of exercises, on the contrary am just trying to emphasize on the importance of diet in a weight loss plan. Actually the best way to lose weight is by incorporating some exercises on your diet plan. However, your primary target should not be going to the gym it should be making sure you are eating the right foods, the right way and the right time. To help you understand even further on why diet is very important in weight loss, here are 5 reasons on why weight diet is even better than exercises.
Exercises cannot significantly reduce weight alone.
This is a fact that is already proven through studies, science and research. It is already confirmed that what you eat after your exercises is very important and it can contribute either positively or negatively to your efforts to lose weight. You might take some foods after you are done with your exercises and they are going to counteract your efforts and you will be doing zero work in the gym.
You need to keep your calories in check if you want to lose weight. An average person is supposed to eat around 2500 calories daily so if you want to lose weight, you will need to keep your calorie intake less than that. This is the first thing you will be told after you join any professional gym with an aim of weight loss.
Exercises can increase your appetite.
This does not need to be proven by any science, a pretty sure you have already noticed that when you are all worked up you more often eat more food. But just for the records, it is proven that exercises usually triggers the metabolism and this leads to an increased appetite.
If you are not careful enough on what you are eating, you will work very hard without noticing any changes because you will be exercising then the small weight you have lost through exercise, you add it again from the foods you are eating. And what’s the point of working so hard only and end up maintaining the same weight or even adding more? This is why dieting is a vital part of your weight loss plan.
The obesity levels are still very high in the United States.
Obesity is a problem that affects a lot of people worldwide but allow me to take the United States as an example. Between 2001 and 2009 it was noted that the number of people participating in exercises daily had significantly increased. This numbers includes the obese people too. But in the same time, it was noticed that the number of people who are obese had increased. We all know that one huge contributor to obesity is weight gain. If exercises can do it alone, why did the numbers of obese people not reduce in that time? This further proves the importance of diet in weight loss.
Food is the fuel that drives you to exercise.
We all know how hunger can make you stop everything you are doing just to grab some food. This is because food is the fuel that drives us in our day to day to activities exercises included. Without having something in the stomach, you can definitely be able to do the exercises. You improve your energy by eating foods like bananas and lean meat which will give you the energy you need to go through the exercises.
Diet can drive short term weight loss on its own.
If you want to notice significant weight loss in a shorter span, a diet can help you achieve that. When you know what to eat when and how much and you just include just 25 percent exercise you will be surprised by the weight you will have lost in one month. But even if you don’t include exercise in your plans, you will still be able to lose significant amount of weight in that time.
Tips to help you lose weight on a diet plan.
Don’t skip breakfast, this is the meal that provides you with the energy needed to push you throughout the day.
Take all the 3 meals of the day and be sure to avoid sugary snacks that you usually take during lunch time instead of eating healthy foods. By eating regular meals, it will help your body burn more calories in a day and since you will not have taken a lot of calories in a day, it will lead to weight loss.
Eat more vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables are usually very rich in fiber and it is already proved that eating more fibers will leave you feeling full a longer time by slowing down the rate your stomach lowers food. This will reduce the urge of eating more frequently and if you don’t eat a lot especially calories, you increase your chances of losing weight.
Drink a lot of water.