Healthy goals that you can actually stick to

It is always very easy to set those healthy fitness goals but when it comes to sticking to them, that’s a whole new story. If you are one of the guys who makes healthy goals then after two weeks you feel like quitting or you actually quit, you are not alone. But maybe this happens because people expect too much from their efforts and when they don’t seem to work out they get that feeling of quitting. Maybe if you set some simple targets and don’t put so much into it you can actually do it.
Don’t blame yourself if you set a goal like, I will not be drinking any juice in 2019 and I will be going to the gym every day then after two weeks you find yourself with a glass of juice and have stopped going to the gym. That’s what happens to anyone if the bar is set too high. That’s why you will find the gyms full to capacity early January and by mid-February they are almost empty.
So don’t blame yourself that you failed, instead make it your mission setting healthy fitness goals that you can actually be able to stick to. If you are wondering which goals to set, don’t panic because we have got you covered. We have made you a list of achievable goals. Some of them might not seem like they are worth aiming for but we can guarantee you each goal here is going to help you make a step towards the right direction. Check them out:
Have a bedtime alarm.
Most of us only have an alarm for waking up, but have you ever thought that having a bedtime alarm might actually be a good idea? The importance of this alarm is that it is going to help you get the recommended sleep of 7 hours and above. The importance of enough sleep cannot be underestimated. Enough sleep is going to give your body to repair the damaged muscles and it is going to help the body release Ghrelin which is usually associated with helping one lose weight as well as other health benefits.
When the bedtime alarm rings, it will remind you that it is time to close your laptop or switch off the TV and take a shower and go to sleep. Every day sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time. You can do that right? By doing that, you will be making a huge step towards living a healthy life.
Walk to destinations that are within one mile
You don’t have to start by targeting to be running 8 miles every morning and you have never done any running in your life. You will just run for two days or three and by the fourth day all the motivation will be gone and you will quit. But when you have a reasonable goal like this, you can be sure of walking from one bank to another or from your home to the home of your friend. Be walking at least one mile a day and when you get used to it maybe you can start running about 3 miles in the morning and keep on improving with time. Don’t pressure yourself, just take one step at a time.
Have a mid-morning meal.
You should eat when you feel hungry, you just need to make sure you are eating a healthy meal not just some snacks that are going to add lots of calories and sugar in your body. Enjoy each meal that you take and don’t be afraid to add just because you are on a weight loss plan. As long as it is not full of calories, you can be sure of enjoying the amount that makes you full. Eating the amount that makes you full will allow you to enjoy the meal and when you enjoy the food you get nourishment.
Designate a no phone zone.
Probably one of the goals that you might think is not worth aiming for but I can guarantee if you can be able to achieve this, it is going to do you and your family a lot of good. Trying to limit your kids as well as limiting yourself the amount of time you should spend on phone can be kind of difficult but having an actual location where phones are banned, maybe it can be achievable.
A perfect place to ban phones is the dining room. Research has found that that people who do not carry their phones to the dining room during dinner usually enjoys their food more than those who carry their phones. If you implement the rule and your kids see to resist, maybe you can start with a trial and when they realize how fun it is having dinner and having actual conversations with the other family members, they will agree to it.
Include veggies for breakfast.
The importance of veggies for a breakfast meal cannot be underestimated. To start with, veggies are usually packed with vitamins and lots of other healthy nutrients. Another thing that the veggies are super rich in is fiber. Once you take vegetables in the morning, you will improve your digestion and you will feel full for a long time so you will not need to buy the mid-morning snacks that you are used to. Veggies are also sweet and provides you with variety options making them a perfect inclusion to the breakfast meals.
Exercise just for a few minutes.
No matter how busy you are, if you make it a priority you are going to find some time to take part in some exercises even if it is just 10 minutes daily. Whatever free time you have try out some exercises gets your heart pumping, you can try out like press-ups and lifting dumbbells if you have some at home. Just make sure you engage in exercises that are a little bit extensive.