food you have to try in Egypt

Food you have to try in Egypt

Egyptian people is well know for how creative they get with food , there are so many types of food there and the type has so many types to make, there is no certain recipe for any food that they are famous for so if you are visiting Egypt, here are some types of food that you have to try.

  1.   Hawawshi.
    This food is well known in Egypt that it had become the one where normal people make for almost every day, it consists of meat that has been spiced up with onion and tomatoes that is put in bread and then put in the oven.
    This food can never get old it is so good that you can never get enough of.

  2. Koshari.
    this type of food contain all the legumes that you will ever need, it is macaroni with rice, lentils, fried onions with tomato soap on the top, this is the food that you eat when you are bored and don’t know what exactly to eat, it’s so full of many tastes that the combination on it just make it heavenly like, sometimes they put onion with salt in water and let it sit then put it on it to set the taste on a higher level, this food you can find at least two or three restaurants that serve this in one region.

  3. Kawarea.
    this food can sound disgusting in the beginning but it is actually taste better than anything that you will ever taste in Egypt, this food is the femur bone of the cow, they cut in two and clean it well then cook it in certain way then put tomato soap on it, this food taste so good and that you will not be able to stop eating even if you are full, also you will need to have a good drink after cause sometimes it gets heavy.

  4. Fesha, Kersha.
    you might think that I am joking but this is real Egyptian people do eat the stomach wall and the lungs of the cow, this food is ancient, it’s so good that only the smell gives you butterflies, you will think that this is disgusting but this food if it’s not cooked in the right way you will no be able to eat it, it should be made in a certain way and should be cleaned first with lemon and vinegar so that it won’t go rotten.

  5. Mahshi.
    let’s just not start on how good this plate taste and how you can eat it with anything and also as a main dish, this is spiced rice with tomato soap that is wrapped up in cabbage layers, Egyptian worship this plate, you will not be able to believe that a human being can love a dish this much it’s not even possible, there is no home in Egypt that can’t make that plate from scratch.
    Also it can be rice in Goliath pepper and in thin eggplant; no one will ever be able to resist such plate.

  6. Macaroni Béchamel.
    You will think that I am over reacting now, I totally am, this dish is the best of all these kinds, and no one will ever be able to resist this one.
    all you need to do is fry some flour then add milk to it, till it become almost a paste, cook some macaroni and add the paste on it, you can add half cooked meat in the middle of it, and then crack two eggs on it then just put it in the oven till it is cooked well.
    This plate is made with everything, you can eat it alone, with chicken and almost everything else, and this is why it is so good and so full of flavors.

  7. Ful Medames, Falafel.
    yes they are as weird as their names the full is mostly sank in water overnight then put on low heat in only water as much as needed to be cooked and when it is done all you need to do is out some in a plate and add all the spices that you need plus some olive oil, this is the most traditional food in Egypt that almost every single person in Egypt eats that everyday.
    The full is always served with falafel, this falafel is mostly legumes that are crushed together till they reach a certain texture paste then they are friend in oil.
    The falafel sometimes are filled with cheese or sometimes they just put spices to heat it up and make it tasteful.

  8. Roz B Laban
    this is also translated to rice with milk, it is a will known dessert that almost every one have to try it.
    it is not that hard to do, you have to put the rice in water and add milk and cooking rose water to it and sugar and keep cooking it till it’s done and you can serve it in cups or plates this is what they call it a taste of heaven, it is so good that it is done almost everyday and you can’t even get enough of it.

  9. Sahlab.
    this sweet drink is the king of all drink beside red tea, this is the main drink that you will want to drink in the cold days as it stays hot for a while, it is done by adding hot milk mixed with pure orchid root powder this is what is responsible for the taste and the thickness of it, but this drink is the best that you will ever taste, you really have to try it, cause once you try it you can never go back.