10 foods that help in pregnancies

Being pregnant is not that easy task, holding someone in your belly for 9 month is the hardest part of being alive; also the labor part is the hardest.

During that time of being pregnant, you will need nutrition and vitamins more that your intake cause you will be eating for two, you will have to increase your intake of calcium by taking the diary products regularly.

So here are 10 foods that help you have a healthy and safe pregnancy on you and your baby.

  1. Get pregnant first.
    Sometimes the woman’s diet or eating habits is not sufficient to even be pregnant like there sometimes be complications with the morola to stick on the wall of the uterus because of the food that she is eating, also sometimes the egg can not be formed good enough to be able to get pregnant, so if you are trying to get pregnant This is some food that will help you get pregnant, you need to eat green vegetables more often as they are full of folic acid that will help before and after the pregnancy and this acid is the most important acid to help the egg to stick on the wall of the uterus.
    You need to take calcium like milk, yogurt and cheese.

  2. First three months.
     The first three months are the hardest, you need to have a good rest and not to go hard on yourself, also you have to consume some good food that are rich in nutrition, proteins and vitamins.
    Food like eggs, grain seeds, cooked oysters, animal liver, and so many more as this three months will say a lot about your pregnancy later on 

  3. Diary products.
    As mentioned before the diary products are so important for the health of your baby and yours too, if you don’t know before but when you are pregnant and you don’t take the calcium products, the baby will not be affected as it will be able to take the calcium from your bones, so by taking these products it will save you bone fragility, because if your bones become fragile it will break easily.
    All you have to do is drink a glass of milk daily, before you go to sleep have a yogurt, it should be really easy if you love these products, and if you don’t you can tell your doctor to write you some bulls that will do the job for you, but taking them from the product is better than the bills.
  • Fish.
     This may sound not good to most of the people especially the ones who hate fish as food, but this is really important as fish give the pregnant woman almost everything that she need in only one meal.
    Fish has in the flesh of it some vitamins that you can not take from another food or animal, like the beneficial long-chain omega-3 fatty acids which is the most important as it is responsible for the development of the brain of the baby.
    If you wouldn’t like to eat fish then you can tell your doctor to write for you some bills or to drink fish oil, but be careful as some of these oils contain the fish liver’s oils which is not good for a pregnant woman.

  • Legumes.
    These products are really important as beans, peanuts and lentils.
    this products provide the woman and the baby with iron, protein, fiber and calcium, which will give the baby almost everything that it needs, and will save the woman a lot of trouble as she will be able to consume some of that and the baby will not have to take out of her system to feed itself.
    Also if you are not that fan of these types of food, just ask your doctor he will be able to write some medications that will help you have these vitamins without eating this food.

  • Meat.
    Meat has the most important thing which is protein, protein is important for the cells and tissues as it helps in the structure, function and regulation of the tissues and the organs.
    And this is important for the formation of the baby’s cells as it will need plenty of proteins to be able to form right and quickly.

  • Go green.
    Green plants are the best for keeping the baby healthy and safe, it contains most of the nutrients that the pregnant woman needs, and they contain the most amazing proteins and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, fibers, iron and potassium.
    These green plants like kale, spinach and broccoli, they are rich in antioxidants which are so good to build the baby a good immune system.

  • Drink.
    it’s not a secret that every single human in the whole world need a total of 2 liters per day, also the baby that is growing inside you does but not as much water as the normal one, so make sure that you drink more than 2 liter of water in the day to ensure that nor you or the baby get dehydrated, as they say water is the secret of life and the human’s body is 70% water.
  • Fruits.
    Never ever forget to consume fruit during your pregnancy, take fruit every single day that will help form a good and healthy baby as fruits are rich in all the vitamins that you need.
    Oranges are rich in vitamin C that is so important during pregnancy, mangos are rich in vitamin A, and avocadoes are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin K and potassium.
    these types of food will save you a lot of doctor appointments
  • Avoid junk.
    you will have to avoid junk foods at all prices, because if you consume a lot of fats that might lead to unstable pregnancy also you will set an awful future to the child as he will grow up to be junk food addict or even he will consume bad fats and be overweighed and this the worse things that can happen to a child as this is the main thing that can cause a stroke at a very young age, or even heart and lungs failure.