10 daily things that can actually speed up the aging of your skin

Of course you don’t want to know them so that you can do them, we all want to avoid as well as prevent wrinkles and aging skin as much as we can. There are a lot of things that contributes to aging skin like genes, the type of skin as well as the gravity.

 But did you have any idea that there are somethings that we do every day that accelerates the aging process? You might know sun does but it is possible that you did not know the other 9 also influences the ageing process. Luckily you can be able to do something about them and enhance your beauty!

Be mindful of these 10 things and it might be able to counteract the ageing process even if it is just a bit.

  • Smiling.

Well, this is unique or should just say it’s weird? But facts are facts, when you smile, you are going to stretch the collagen in your body and when collagen is stretched it tends to decrease and this in turn causes wrinkles. But what should we do? Stop smiling and laughing altogether? Nah! You don’t have to do that because smiling and laughing reduces stress and stress is one of the major influencer to the aging process. Also laughing is fun, and can you imagine how life could have been like if there was no laughing?

  • Stress.

Stress is one of the huge contributor to the ageing process, stress can make you look even 10 years older than your age! The hormone released when you are stressed is called cortisol and this hormone has a big effect on the collagen in your skin. Collagen is responsible for making us look younger, it is usually more when we are young and it keeps on decreasing as we get old.

 If cortisol is going to interfere with the small collagen remaining in your body, it is definitely going to make you look older. Lower your stress levels by having a spa day once in a while, or you can try out meditation which is also a very effective way of lowering stress levels. Laughing and smiling also lowers the stress levels.

  • Sun.

I guess we all know that sun accelerates the ageing process. It is even possible that the sun rays are still going to affect you even when you are on a shade. The rays from the sun will damage your skin and this will be the basis of the ageing process. It does not become visible in the very first days, it will become visible after some years of sun exposure.

 Be wise and always have your sunscreen with you whenever you are going out especially to places which are very sunny. By protecting yourself from the UV rays from the sun, you will be increasing your chances of reducing wrinkles on your face.

  • Food.

Well, I don’t mean you should avoid eating altogether. What I mean is that there are some foods you should avoid and there are those you should eat in plenty if you want to have that beauty skin you have always wanted. Some foods like oranges, carrots, tuna and watermelon can protect you from the sun and as we have seen if you protect yourself from the UV rays from the sun, you are going to lower the ageing process.

  • Sugars.

It is very important that you avoid food products that are full of sugars like the candies. Lots of sugar intake is going to accelerate the ageing process. The reason behind is that the starch from the sugars is going to negatively affect the collagen in your skin as well as encourage weight gain which you might be trying to avoid in order to get that perfect body you have always wanted.

 You should try to avoid the foods with high glycemic index as much as possible. The foods with high glycemic index increases the levels of insulin in your body which can cause inflammation. And when there is inflammation, your body is going to react with fine lines. By avoiding foods with high glycemic index, you will be reducing the ageing process.

  • Fats.

You need to avoid the white fats and encourage the brown fats. The white fats will make you add weight while the brown fats will help you burn the calories. By increasing the intake of brown fats and decreasing the intake of white fats you are going to be doing your body a great favor. Also lack of the healthy fats in your skin accelerates the aging process.

  • Heat.

The heating that most people usually put during the winter can have negative effect to your skin and accelerate the aging process. The heating has a dehydrating effect on the skin which means the fine lines and the wrinkles are going to be more visible.

  • Sleep deprivation.

A busy world I understand but you still need to get enough sleep of 7 to 8 hours. When you are sleeping, the skin gets a good time to recover. The shorter your sleep, the shorter time your skin will have to recover. And the result will be getting wrinkles sooner than they were expected. Make sure you have enough sleep if you want a beautiful skin.

  • Exhaust fumes.

A research by a German institution found that the exhaust fumes soot and other nasty substances contained will increase the pigment spots on the cheeks and forehead by up to 20 percent. To protect your skin from this fumes, be sure to eat enough anti-oxidants from fruits like blueberries or you can use day creams for the same.

  • Alcohol.

I know it is not a very good thing to hear for a lot of people but it is true that alcohol accelerates the process of ageing. It dehydrates your skin and causes wrinkles and it also affect the collagen in your skin